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        The Philippine National Police Headquarters Support Service (PNP-HSS) was created for the implementation of the policies, rules and regulations governing the daily activities inside Camp Crame, providing an environment that is conducive to the efficient and effective pursuance of the PNP mission and functions. Their cooperation and observance of rules and regulations inside camp are vital in the smooth administration and management of Camp Crame.               

          The administration and management of Camp Crame, as the home of the premier law enforcement agency in the country, is an enormous responsibility that deserves the greatest attention and involvement not only of the Camp Commander and his staff but also of the different PNP units housed inside the camp to ensure the Camp’s safety and security with the help and cooperation of all units based inside, to include both uniformed and non-uniformed personnel living or working inside the Camp and other people visiting or transacting business within its perimeters, should be maintained.


       The PNP Headquarters Support Service (PNP-HSS) is primarily tasked to oversee the overall order and security of Camp Crame. Activated on June 27, 1955, it was originally called the Headquarters Philippine Constabulary and Headquarters Service Battalion (HPC & HSB).  It underwent a series of reorganizations through the years to make it more responsive to the changing times.

        With the passage of RA 6975, the unit was renamed General Service Command and designated as one of the PNP Administrative Support Units.  It was later renamed Headquarters Support Service pursuant to NAPOLCOM Resolution Nr. 92-36, as amended by Resolution Number 93-04 dated 05 February 1993.  It is tasked to provide administrative and technical supports to the PNP National Headquarters and secure Camp Crame.


"Provide Security, safety, general utilities and special services to the Philippine National Police National Headquarters."


"By 2022, HSS shall provide highly capable, effective and credible security safety, general utilities and special services to the Philippine National Police National Headquarters."



          1. Provides power and water services inside the camp;
          2. Controls and supervises the operation of concessionaires;
          3. Provides maintenance of building, equipment and road nets;
          4. Provides waste management and ground maintenance services;
          5. Supervises all repair projects inside camp; and
          6. Provides police community relation services inside camp and immediate vicinity.


          1. Provides perimeter guards and conducts patrol inside camp;
          2. Directs, controls and supervises traffic flow;
          3. Formulates and implements camp defense, fire and disaster control plans;
          4. Administers the PNP Custodial Center and provide security escorts during court trials; and
          5. Provides fire-fighting equipment and services inside camp.


          1. Renders ceremonial honors/services to VIP/dignitaries and deceased PNP personnel; and
          2. Maintains housing, sports and recreational facilities;


          1. Formulates and implements camp rules and regulations;
          2. Provides personnel and logistical support to the NHQ during command activities;
          3. Processes and supervises the recruitment of its PNP applicants;
          4. Conducts training-refresher courses for personnel assigned at HSS, PNP; and
          5. Performs other functions as the Chief, PNP may direct.



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